lundi 17 juin 2013

Report 26 + party and stuff

Wonderful girl ♥

OK. Hm, I had a party the day before yesterday, and I have to say, I ate CRAP, and alcohol. I thought I'd put on weight, but this morning I weighed myself and saw that I put on only 100g which is nothing for the amount of sh*t I ate ! Yesterday I drank a lot of water, Special K, salad, chicken, quite good stuff. Maybe that helped, because if you binge once, it's okay, you just have not to eat crap several times. The thing is, I hope I can loose this weight for next saturday, because I have another party ...


- Breakfast : A bowl of Special K cereals (300kcal)

- Lunch : /

- Snack : Special K bar (91kcal), and an applesauce (64 kcal)  

- Dinner : A plum (52kcal), a plate of salad with tomatoes and avocados (around 300kcal), a piece of bread with cheesesauce (around 30kcal) and bread with tartar (around 40kcal)

During the evening : Black tea red fruits flavoured (4kcal)

TOTAL: 631 kcal.
Good, huh ?


10 pushups
20 sit ups
20 squats
20 lunges
80 jumping jacks


I dansed for about half an hour.

I probably lost around 250kcal.

Stay beautiful,

vendredi 14 juin 2013

Report 25 - + VACANCYYYY

She's maybe a little too skinny.. Dunno

Okay so, I'm now in summer vacancy, and I had a lil' "break" so I didn't do my last two reports.


- Breakfast : WELL- I think that during my vacancy I'm not going to have a lot of breakfasts ^^'

- Lunch : A kind of biscuit (around 80kcal), bread with chorizo (around 100kcal), milk (around 30kcal) and a little piece of cheese (around 50kcal)

- Snack : A croissant (180kcal) and a banana (60kcal)

- Dinner : Rice and mushrooms's sauce (around 300kcal), a little piece of pie (around 30kcal) and bread with cheese (around 40 kcal)

TOTAL : 690kcal
Good !


I did my workout as soon as I actually woke up, it's a bit hard, but it works better and you feel soo good afterwards. 

100 jumping jacks
5 burpees
50 jumping jacks
20 lunges
15 squats
50 jumping jacks
1 min skipping rope
50 jumping jacks
30 sec jog in place
50 jumping jacks

Water. Water. Water. Plus, I drank maybe half a bottle in the morning, on an empty stomach, it's even better for your metabolism.

I lost about 180kcal.
Stay beautiful,

lundi 10 juin 2013

Report 24 -


- Breakfast : Cereals coco pops (around 120kcal)

- Snack : A banana (60kcal), and a bit of special K cereals (60kcal)

- Lunch : Salad with tomatoes and stuff ^^ (around 150kcal), an applesauce (64kcal) and two slices of breaf with cheesesauce (around 60kcal)

- Snack : two biscuits (40kcal)

- Dinner : Salad (around 130kcal), a big piece of watermelon (50kcal) and bread with ham and chorizo (100kcal)

During the evening: Green tea lemon-flavoured with honey (40kcal) Honey is a lil' b*tch

TOTAL: 874 kcal
It's alright.

Stay beautiful,

dimanche 9 juin 2013

"No post on sunday" would say Vernon :3 + Report 23

But I'm not Vernon, so I say "no post on saturday". Well, I hang out with friends, ate a little bit of crap but ate well all day long otherwise, walked under the sun A LOT so I lost kcal and that was kind of my "reward" for having lost weight !


- Breakfast : 2 biscuits with a glass of milk (160kcal)

- Lunch : 2 slices of bread with cheesesauce (50kcal), and some strawberries (around 10kcal)

- Snack : A special K bar (91kcal)

- Dinner : Salad with eggs, tomatoes, olives, and rice (around 200kcal), an applesauce (64kcal), two slices of bread with cheese (around 50kcal) and a piece of apricot's cake (around 100kcal)

TOTAL: 504 kcal
Pretty good huh !


25 squats
2 min plank
25 lunges
1 min elbow side plank
25 split squats (each leg)
1 min side plank
25 wide-leg squats
Plank with 50 knee-to-elbows
1 min wall sit

I lost about 100kcal or so
+ I tidied my room and probably lost around 30 kcal.

Stay beautiful,

vendredi 7 juin 2013

Report 22 + first month doing this shit !


- Breakfast : Cereals coco pops (200kcal)

- Lunch : A tomatoe with tuna (around 60kcal), a bit of salad with beens and carrots (around 110kcal), a piece of melon (around 30kcal) and two slices of bread with cheesesauce (around 50kcal)

- Dinner : a tomatoe with tuna (around 60kcal), two toasted ham and cheese sandwitches (around 350kcal) and a banana (60kcal)

During the evening : Black tea red fruits flavoured (0kcal)

TOTAL : 920 kcal
Maybe it's more like 900kcal or something because I was a lot under the sun and I sweated a lot !
(not in a disgusting way huh)

For the report of this month, I'm glad to annonce I lost weight !
I lost ... 2.8 pounds (1.3kg)
I don't really see a change on my body, but it's a good beginning and I'm actually pretty sure my belly is a little bit flatter than it used to be ! :P
My abs are also starting to be a LITTLE bit more showing, a LITTLE I said :P
But yeah, I'm quite happy. I basically lost 1 pound the first week, then another 1 the second one, and the rest during 2 weeks. It's not a lot but I'm not that pressed either. I'll try to achieve my goal by the end of august, or more !

Stay beautiful,