mercredi 5 juin 2013

Report 20 -


- Breakfast : Special K cereals (160kcal)

- Lunch : lasagna (140kcal), a banana (60kcal) , two slices of bread with tartar (around 50kcal)

- Snack : Special K bar (91kcal) and a can of coke zero (0kcal)

- Dinner : Cereals (200kcal), some strawberries (10kcal), a banana (60kcal) and a piece of melon (20kcal)

During the evening : Black tea red fruits flavoured (0kcal)

 TOTAL: 306 kcal

I made it by myself

100 jumping jacks
5 burpees
50 jumping jacks
20 lunges
15 squats
50 jumping jacks
1 min skipping rope
50 jumping jacks
30 sec jog in place
50 jumping jacks


50 jumping jacks
rest for a min
50 jumping jacks 
rest for a min
50 jumping jacks
rest for a min
50 jumping jacks
rest for a min

Okay so this is quite hard, but as you probably noticed , the main goal was to do 500 jumping jacks to loose as much fat as possible. I can say I nailed it (and I nailed it in my garden under the hot sun ! DON'T forget to drink LOADS OF WATER when you do it, it's really important )

I probably burnt around 350kcal.
+ I  tanned for 30 minutes : 35 kcal.
+ I did 2 hours of sport at school : 100kcal.

TOTAL LOST: 485kcal.
That is insane but sooo good.

Stay beautiful,

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