vendredi 14 juin 2013

Report 25 - + VACANCYYYY

She's maybe a little too skinny.. Dunno

Okay so, I'm now in summer vacancy, and I had a lil' "break" so I didn't do my last two reports.


- Breakfast : WELL- I think that during my vacancy I'm not going to have a lot of breakfasts ^^'

- Lunch : A kind of biscuit (around 80kcal), bread with chorizo (around 100kcal), milk (around 30kcal) and a little piece of cheese (around 50kcal)

- Snack : A croissant (180kcal) and a banana (60kcal)

- Dinner : Rice and mushrooms's sauce (around 300kcal), a little piece of pie (around 30kcal) and bread with cheese (around 40 kcal)

TOTAL : 690kcal
Good !


I did my workout as soon as I actually woke up, it's a bit hard, but it works better and you feel soo good afterwards. 

100 jumping jacks
5 burpees
50 jumping jacks
20 lunges
15 squats
50 jumping jacks
1 min skipping rope
50 jumping jacks
30 sec jog in place
50 jumping jacks

Water. Water. Water. Plus, I drank maybe half a bottle in the morning, on an empty stomach, it's even better for your metabolism.

I lost about 180kcal.
Stay beautiful,

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