jeudi 16 mai 2013

First report -


 - Breakfast :
 30g of Special K cereal milk chocolate with 125 mL of milk (165kcal) and an applesauce (60kcal)

- Snack
A little banana (80kcal)

- Lunch:
Pasta with a little bit of Bolognese sauce (around 300kcal) and a vanilla-flavoured yogurt (120kcal)

- Dinner
Salad with eggs, tomatoes, tuna and olives (around 200kcal), a vanilla-flavoured yogurt (120kcal) , and a bit of cottage cheese bio (around 80kcal) with sugar cane (12kcal)

Also during the evening: Green tea with honey : 64kcal because honey is a badass.

TOTAL: 1201 kcal.

I'm 1 kcal over my limit which is 1200 calories per day :) But since I did sport, I can easily take off 150kcal of this amount. That means I'm around 1050 kcal. Good beginning ! 

Workout cardio n°1 (45min)

Warm up
2 set of :
-23 crunches, 9 pushups and 11 squats.
15 min of apartment bike
2 set of :
-23 crunches, 9 pushups and 11 squats again.
Cool down
Stretching time 

This workout litteraly killed me. I think I'm going to do 12min instead of 15min.

Have fun with your workouts, and tell me if you tried this one ;)

Stay beautiful,

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