dimanche 19 mai 2013

Report 3 - 18/05/13 (late)


- Breakfast : Cereals oatmeal + muesli (200kcal)

- Lunch : I failed a bit. I ate McDo, but I tried to have it as healthy as possible. So I ate a fish Hamburger (340kcal), chips (320kcal), and a salad with my own sauce (90kcal instead of 150 with their sauce !)

- Snack : White tea Raspberry-flavoured (0kcal)

- Dinner : Beef and rice (about 200kcal maybe?) and a Danone yogurt strawberry-flavoured (117kcal)

TOTAL: 1267 kcal

I'm a little bit over 1200kcal but I think it's okay since I ate McDo. That could have been much worse I think.
Too bad I couldn't workout though.

Stay beautiful,

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