mercredi 22 mai 2013

Report 7 -


- Breakfast : Two slices of bread with butter and jam blackberry-flavoured (about 70kcal) and an applesauce (64kcal)

- Snack : Black tea red fruits-flavoured (1kcal)

- Lunch : A plate of rice with beef (around 200kcal) and a homemade orange juice (around 50kcal)
This orange juice was hard to get. For the little story, I spilled the oranges and the juice I've made so far all over my kitchen's floor and on myself. I spend the afternoon at school smelling a little bit the orange. Great it wasn't a bad smell at least.

- Snack : A tiny piece of chocolate cake (around 10kcal)

- Dinner : A tomato (15kcal), two radish (25kcal), a little bit of rice with beef (around 100kcal) and an applesauce (64kcal)

During the evening : Gold tea (0kcal)

TOTAL: 599 kcal

Wow. I didn't workout today (it's my rest day) so it's really good !
Hopefully everyday will be like this one.

Stay beautiful,

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