dimanche 26 mai 2013

Report 11 -


- Breakfast : / 
Again, I ate lunch and breakfast at the same time, but it was more a lunch than a breakfast.

- Lunch : A little piece of pizza (150kcal), a homemade orange juice (30kcal) and an applesauce banana-flavoured (64kcal)

- Snack : 10 strawberries (around 20 kcal), white tea raspberry-flavoured (0kcal)

- Dinner : A kind of little "biscuit" with salmon (around 30kcal), a piece of salmon's cake (around 130kcal), a bit of salad (around 50kcal), a piece of cheese (around 50 kcal), and some strawberries (around 30kcal)

During the evening : White tea rose and violet flavoured (0kcal)

TOTAL : 454 kcal
WOW. Since I ate not so good today I thought it would be a lot higher than 454 kcal ! I'm happy. :)


10 push-ups
20 sit-ups
20 squats
20 lunges (10 per leg)
80 jumping jacks
60 second wall sit

Repeat 2 times

I probably burnt around 100 kcal.

Stay beautiful,

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