vendredi 31 mai 2013

It's not even a report, I failed ...

I failed, yes. Today was the first time I ate as before, even more. And didn't workout.
I knew I'd have probably periods like these. But it's so bad to feel like I'm a total failure.
I started the day with good food (cereals, bananas, meat, mashed potatoes, orange juice ...)
But with my friends, I ate a lot of bad things like cookies or chips. And this evening, I ate a homemade pizza, that was sooooo good, but I feel fat now.
And I didn't workout because I was with my friends instead.
Tomorrow, I'll eat healthy, and workout longer to compensate. Yes.
I'm gonna watch pictures of skinny girls to stay motivated.

It's okay to fail as long as it's not often.

Workout and eat healthy the next day

That's probably the most important thing

Stay beautiful,

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