dimanche 19 mai 2013

Report 4 -


- BreakfastKellogg's Tresor (134kcal)

- Lunch : / 
I woke up late so I had breakfast instead.

- Snack : Danone yogurt strawberry-flavoured (117kcal) , a banana (100kcal) and later, a slice of chocolat's cake (about 20kcal)

- Dinner : A plate of pasta with sauce (around 150kcal), some cucumber (around 20kcal), a little bit of cheese-sauce (20kcal), maybe one single strawberry because they were disgusting (1kcal) and a Danone yogurt Vanilla-flavoured (120kal)

During the evening: White tea Rose and violet-flavoured (4kcal)

I didn't workout these two last days because I was at my best friend's and I recovered completely from my injury. But I went and came back from her home by walking, so I can say I burnt about 50kcal.

TOTAL: 635 kcal

I think it's pretty good since I didn't workout. I know it's better to have 3 meals a day but I woke up too late. I snacked around 3 o'clock an "as healthy as possible" snack to replace lunch though.

Stay beautiful,

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