vendredi 17 mai 2013


I just found a picture of weight loss on the internet, and this is EXACTLY what I expect :


Look. The body on the left looks quite a lot like mine (at least it's what I see). And the picture on the right is pretty much what I'd looove to get as results ! 

OMG this gives me so much hope

                               This motivates me even more, and all I could say is 

.So right

But right now I can't do anything, because something bad happened to me during my workout yesterday. I hurt quite bad near my right ribs. I first thought it was a stitch, but I realised that this wasn't. That's why I'm not at school today, I rest a bit. That's too bad because I wanted to exercise, but it's not worth damaging my body worse. Health is the most important.

I hope I'll have the opportunity to workout this W-E, slowly, and only if I'm better.

Stay beautiful,

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