lundi 27 mai 2013

Report 12 -


- Breakfast : Cereals oatmeal + muesli (200kcal), an applesauce (64 kcal) 

- Snack : a banana (80kcal)

- Lunch : Two tiny pieces of pizza (around 150 kcal), a tomatoe (50kcal) and a yogurt red fruits-flavoured (120kcal)

- Dinner : Again, (damn, mum, stop making me eat) two little piece of pizza (plus next friday I'll reeat homemade pizza ... Damn xD) (about 150 kcal), a tomatoe (50kcal) and a little bar of bio chocolate (around 40kcal)

TOTAL: 754 kcal
Pretty good I think, if you don't count the bad calories with pizza and stuff.


30 jumping jacks
5 pushups
25 hight knees
10 crunches
7 squats
30 butt kicks
5 pushups
10 crunches
30 jumping jacks
1 min wall sit
10 crunches

Repeat 2 times

This is a really good workout, and it's not as difficult as it actually seems

I probably burnt 150 kcal

Stay beautiful,

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