samedi 25 mai 2013

Report 10 - Already !


- Breakfast : 2 REM biscuits with a little bit of butter (180kcal), half a glass of milk (30kcal), a little banana (60 kcal), a glass of homemade orange juice (50kcal), a liegeois yogurt (103kcal)

- Lunch : /
I ate lunch and breakfast "together"

- Snack : Black tea red fruits-flavoured (0kcal)

- Dinner : My parents got pizza, so I ate it but in little portions.
Two little pieces of pizza (around 400kcal), and a natural yogurt (46 kcal)

During the evening : Gold tea (0kcal)

TOTAL : 719 kcal
Wow, I'm actually doing good even if I ate pizza ! Small portions and a workout, that's the main thing to keep in mind :)


10 push-ups
20 sit-ups
20 squats
20 lunges (10 per leg)
80 jumping jacks
1 min wall sit

I probably lost 150 kcal with it.

Repeat 2 times

Stay beautiful,

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