vendredi 24 mai 2013

Report 9 -


- Breakfast : Cereals with oatmeal and muesli (200kcal) and a chocolate mousse (79 kcal)
Crazy to think this chocolate mousse has got less calories than my fruity ones...

- Snack : A glass of homemade orange-juice (about 50 kcal)

- Lunch : Rice mixed with wheat (around 120 kcal) and a piece of veal (around 100 kcal) , two slice of bread with duck's pâté (around 5 0kcal) and a yogurt mixed-fruits flavoured (121 kcal)

- Dinner : An artichoke (80 kcal) , a little breaded fish (120 kcal), a little portion of salad tomatoes/potatoes/tuna (about 100 kcal) and a banana (80 kcal)

During the evening : White tea strawberry-flavoured (0kcal)

TOTAL : 1100 kcal
It's okay since it's not other 1200 kcal, but it's quite weird to see a number above 1000 kcal since I don't have seen it for awhile.

No workout. (rest)

Stay beautiful,

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